3 days of painting lessons
on the beach of Domburg


… bij Masterclasses ‘Het Zeeuwse Licht’ en verfijn je schildertechniek
onder begeleiding en inspiratie van de bekende kunstschilder
Adriaan van Bokhoven


Masterclass ‘Het Zeeuwse Licht’

Painting on the beach of Domburg

discover ‘Het Zeeuwse Licht’

Learn to catch this light in your own paintings during one of our unique masterclasses which are lead by one of Holland’s most renowned painters, Adriaan van Bokhoven.

A unique experience …

Refine your painting technique in 3 days!

Sun, Sea, Salt, Sky and Light

Inspired by the ‘Zeeuwse Licht’, the history of Domburg and it’s creative ambiance, Masterclasses ‘Het Zeeuwse Licht’ organise professional painting lessons in the spring, summer and autumn of 2018.

The lessons are lead by the renowned painter Adriaan van Bokhoven in the style of the “impressionists” and occur during 3 consecutive days, from 9.00 – 12.00 and 14.00 – 17.00 hours, on the beach of Domburg.  Depending on weather conditions, a large party tent can be raised or lessons will continue at alternative locations.

These lessons are for both beginners and the more advanced painter.  Experience has shown that the dynamics and inspiration of a mixed group has a positive and stimulating effect.  The group consists of maximum 12 people.

I dream my painting and then paint my dream …

– Vincent van Gogh

Masterclass Painting workshops

What will you learn?
  • 18 hours (3 x 6 hours per day) intensive lessons on the beach or other interesting locations
  • Every morning begins with an explanation, demonstration and theory
  • A group evaluation at the end of the day
  • On day 3, a personal evaluation

Great location, atmosphere and ambiance with daily lunches (fresh bread rolls, fruit and beverages) included.  We end the day sharing a glass of wine (or you own choice) either on the beach or somewhere else just as nice (depending on the weather).

What will you learn?

  • How to paint water, waves, surf and sea (movement ..)
  • How to capture ‘the light’ and the effects here of
  • How to speed up painting in order to capture the moment
  • How to paint reflections, pools, sand and dunes
  • How to unite sky and land
  • How to paint clouds
  • How to paint atmosphere and depth
  • How to paint forms of figures, horses etc

What else will you take with you…

Symplify the reality

“Less is more …” – learn how to simplify the context of your painting

Create harmony

Learn to create harmony between all the elements such as balance, texture, colour and movement

Free yourself and trust your intuition

Learn to let go, relax, in order to focus on your end goal

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and enjoy the wonderful experience of Sun, Sea, Salt, Sky and Light